Garden & Floral Design

Lokal Hotel

This design was created for the Lokal Hotel’s third location. This garden in Fishtown, Philadelphia, is lush from all viewpoints, while simultaneously creating a walkable and functional space for hotel guests to enjoy. The botanical and vessel selection Ferox Studio has curated here offer multiple elevations and varied textures, celebrating the the irregularities of the aging corten steel and charred wood planters. The color scheme rests in muted sage, greens, silver-blues, purples and whites. The plant palette focuses on native/pollinator perennials and multi-seasonal blooms that create year-round visual interest. The industrial aesthetic of both the vessels and the structures marries the meadow to Philadelphia’s cityscape. All together, these items blend harmoniously to create a dynamic and sustainable urban meadow for all seasons.

“Lokal is Philadelphia’s first “invisible service” boutique hotel company, combining the freedom  and comfort of living in Philadelphia with the adventure of visiting. Powered by friendly locals and  featuring unparalleled design and comfort, Lokal cuts to the chase of what and how you want to  be doing when you check into a new place in a new town.”


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Lokal 0173_2.jpg
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